Were you awake again last night feeding your baby?

Feeling tired, wondering how long this will continue?
Praying for some decent sleep?

There is an alternative.

Have you been waiting for your baby to drop a night feed but it just hasn't happened?

There is a reason.


Your baby is in the habit of waking at night to be fed.
Your baby is probably ready to sleep for longer, maybe right through the night.
The problem is, most babies don’t suddenly start sleeping through all by themselves.
In fact most babies keep waking to feed at night well past the time when they could be sleeping through.

There is a solution...

Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping

I've been exactly where you are now. Not enough sleep. Getting up for multiple night feeds, night after night.
Always tired.
It has to stop! And it can stop.

Life is so much better when your baby sleeps well at night.

After Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping

  • Your baby's nighttime sleep will increase dramatically
  • Your baby will be well-rested, happier and more settled
  • You will get at least 5 hours more sleep each week
  • You will feel in control of life again

There is a simple and effective way to break your baby's night feeding habit.

Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping is effective and fast because it works on all three elements that are stopping your baby from sleeping through the night: daytime feeds, nighttime feeds, and your baby's night-waking habit. Working on one, or even two, of these is not enough. By dealing with all three issues at the same time, the Stop Feeding program prepares your baby to sleep for much longer periods at night, even right through the night.

Stop Feeding Start Sleeping works on all three issues at the same time, in a logical and effective way.

My baby used to sleep through. Then she got sick and was waking a lot. I guess she got into the habit of waking up at night.

I started on your method on Friday, and by Sunday night she was sleeping through again. I can't tell you how relieved I am!

Lisa, mom to 7 month old. San Antonio, TX

[Before we started] there didn't seem to be a sleep pattern as such. I would try to give my baby a feed around 10.30pm and he was waking every 4-5 hours.

Using your method, it took about 3 days before he slept through. Now he only wakes if he's sick or in pain.

Tammy, mom to 4 month old. Salisbury, Qld

Is Stop Feeding Start Sleeping right for you?

The answer is Yes if:

  • Your baby is at least 3 months old
  • Your baby is waking and feeding more often at night than you would like
  • You would like a structured plan that is flexible enough to fit with your schedule

You want to do the best for your baby, to be the best parent that you can be. But if you're not getting enough sleep you will be feeling irritable (or worse) during the day. Chances are you are finding it hard to feel any joy in parenting, just as I felt.

And just like me, you have probably tried many of the solutions offered in books, in magazines and on websites. You have probably ended up back where you started, with a baby who keeps waking at night, and never sleeps for a long stretch.

Stop Feeding Start Sleeping is simple and powerful.

We tried CIO and it was hell. Not only that but it didn't work at all. Stop Feeding was really easy and really gentle.

[Our baby] shifted from feeding about every 2-3 hours, to once a night. I reckon I'm getting at least 3 hours more sleep every night.

Angela B., mom to 3 month old. Grand Rapids, MI

Weaning my daughter prior to this has been hell but I have found this so incredibly easy and natural like why didn't I think of that?!

Nadine, mom to toddler, Busselton, WA

Each time your baby wakes at night to be fed, she might be awake for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. But what about you? How much sleep do you miss out on each time you feed your baby at night? Most parents are awake for 45 minutes to 60 minutes for each feed.

That means by cutting out even one night feed, you can get 5 to 7 hours more sleep each week. Think of how much extra energy, patience and positivity that extra sleep will bring you!

You gain 5-7 hours more sleep each week for each feed your baby drops.

book cover

Maybe you've been putting off night weaning your baby because you thought you'd have to use a cry-it-out method. You know that would be incredibly stressful for your baby, for you, and for your whole family. Worse, it wouldn't have a chance of working if your baby is genuinely hungry!

With the Stop Feeding method, your baby will stop needing those night feeds. At the same time, she will lose her habit of waking up during the night.

The Stop Feeding program is gentle on babies and families.

I was full of envy for my friends whose babies were sleeping through the night at 4 months. By 4 months my firstborn was finally sleeping a couple of hours at a time, but he was still waking every 2 to 3 hours at night.

My husband and I were exhausted. I was starting to feel like the worst mother who had ever lived − I seemed to be irritable and short-tempered all the time. This wasn't what I thought motherhood would be like.

I read at least 15 books by sleep experts, joined discussion groups, asked our baby health nurse, doctor, friends and family. But nothing they suggeed had worked, even though we had tried every method suggested. Suddenly it dawned on me that there were three components to my son's night waking and I would need to adjust all three at the same time if he was to learn how to sleep at night. I came up with a system.

And it worked − in just 3 days my baby was sleeping 5-6 hours straight every night. In another month I thought he might be ready to drop another night feed. So I used the Stop Feeding method again and he slept right through!

It's time for your baby to sleep well at night too.

I found this a very simple and easy process to do and it did not involve difficult & strict routines. That was important for me as I work full time and she is in daycare during the day.

Mellissa, mum to 9 month old. Uralba, NSW

A good night's sleep... it's what you need, and it's what you deserve

Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping gives you step by step instructions that work with your baby's own unique sleeping and feeding pattern.

The method is straightforward. Printable worksheets are provided help you to keep track of what you need to do each day, making it completely foolproof. There are plenty of examples and two detailed case studies so you can see exactly how other parents have applied the techniques.

What if your baby is just not ready to sleep through the night? With this program you will quickly know for sure. Simply wait 3 to 4 weeks and try again.

Download instantly and start today

What about toddlers?

If your child is a toddler and still feeding once, twice or more times each night, you might be starting to think that it's never going to stop. But it can stop. Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping works very quickly with toddlers, because they are ready to sleep through the night and are waking out of habit.. And the Stop Feeding program breaks that habit gently and quickly.

So very practical and easy on both baby and mum. At long last something that works without meltdowns and tears.

Nadine, mum to toddler. Busselton, WA

Stop Feeding Start Sleeping Contents

  • Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping: Reduce Nightfeeding Now − 37 page printable guide (pdf format)
  • Two detailed case studies (one baby and one toddler), to show exactly how it works in real life
  • Baby Sleep Record: a specially developed printable chart for recording your baby's current sleep pattern, your sleep goals, and your baby's progress (pdf format)

  • Stop Feeding cover  +  Baby Sleep Record
  • NEW! Added bonuses. See below.

My daughter was waking twice a night and my goal was for her to not wake for the 1-2am feed. I had tried [other methods] in the past but she still woke up. Now, after a bit more than 2 weeks, she sleeps through − from 9-10pm to 5.30am.

Mellissa, mum to 9 month old. Uralba, NSW

I love the concept.

Terri, mum to 3 month old girl. Gresham, OR

It's just so logical.

Renee, mum to 4 month old boy. Hillside, Vic

The Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping program really works. I am confident that when you try it, your baby will sleep for much longer at night and so will you.

It is with this confidence, that I offer you an exceptional guarantee:

If after trying it out you're not 100% thrilled just let me know. The full price will be refunded, no questions asked--any time within a year of purchase.

Stop Feeding, Start Sleeping

is 100% guaranteed

for One Whole Year

Added bonuses—for the complete baby sleep solution

I know that night waking is not the only baby sleep problem you will ever face. So I have included two valuable bonuses to include with the Stop Feeding program. The first is a 30 minute audio track to help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep.

It works instantly to calm babies as the sound reminds them of being in the womb. Many babies go to sleep in less than a minute after the recording starts. And the more often you use it, the more quickly it works.

Bonus 1. The Dream Solution: Instant Audio Sleep Solution for Babies

  • Immediate help for poor sleepers, for night time and naps
  • Proven 'womb sounds' audio download helps your baby get to sleep and stay asleep
  • The perfect background sound to block out unpredictable noises that can wake your baby
  • Works for older children and adults too
  • Similar audio MP3s and CDs sell for $19.95--yours here for free!
  • 30 minute MP3 recording can be downloaded immediately and played on an iPod, MP3 player, memory stick player, or copied to a CD
  • Simply set to a repeating loop so it plays all night

Bonus 2. Report: Are You Sabotaging Your Baby's Sleep?

  • Why Dutch babies sleep an average of 2 hours more than American babies every day, and what we can learn from them
  • How to tell whether your baby or toddler is sleeping enough
  • Improve your baby's sleep habits
  • Help your baby to self-regulate so she can sleep better
  • Understand your hard to settle baby, and how you might be sabotaging his sleep
  • Get through those difficult sleep times
  • Lots of tips you can use straight away
  • 53 pages including an extensive reference list
  • Printable version (pdf format)
  • Download the Table of Contents here and see exactly what's included.

My second child was a great feeder, always hungry. Every 3-4 hours, day and night. You know how exhausting it is, I'm sure. She was growing well, (which is not surprising with all that milk), but showed no signs of sleeping for longer at night.

Most of the babies I knew of the same age were getting at least a 5-6 hour sleep each night, and some were sleeping for 8 or more hours. What luxury! Instead I was up each night like clockwork to feed her, every few hours.

She seemed so hungry, I wasn't sure whether she was ready to drop one or more night feeds. But I knew that the method I had used with my firstborn could help her too.

Sure enough, Stop Feeding method worked like a treat with my daughter's sleeping and feeding schedule. Three days later she was sleeping 5 hours at a stretch. And after two weeks she was routinely sleeping 7-8 hours every night.

A good night's sleep... It's what you need. And it's what you deserve.

We now get almost two hours more sleep every night. I'm starting to feel human again. Thank you!

Richard, Dad to 22 month old girl. HI.